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Actors Entertainment is an entertainment site with 12 shows for your

ActorsE Chat (Actors Entertainment on IMDb) streams LIVE M-F 10a-11a
PST, and is in it’s 6th Season with over 1200 episodes and almost 6
million viewers.  ActorsE Chat is co-produced by Pepper Jay
Productions LLC and Live Video Inc.

Appearances are listed in alphabetical order by first name:


Rachel McGoye
2.145 August 23rd, 2010 – ActorsE Live Chat Show with singer Rachel McGoye & host Judith Jones

Ramara Whitmer
Tinsel on the Town – Aspen Screening Party

Randell K
December 6th, 2010 – ActorsE Live Chat with pianist songwriter Randell K and actor Mary Jo Gruber
Sidebeat Music at the Red Carpet at the Los Angeles Music Awards 2010

Randy McDowell
March 22nd, 2011 – ActorsE Chat with actors Randy McDowell and Yi Tian

Rebecca Holden
2.20 February 22, 2010 – ActorsE live chat show with guests Rebecca Holden and Kevin Sasaki

Rebecca Kyler Downs
2.66 April 30th – ActorsE with Joe Sabatino & singer/actor Rebecca Kyler Downs

Rebecca Marshall
October 20 2010 – ActorsE Chat with Actress Rebecca Marshall (Saw 3D) with host Marta McGonagle.

Rebecca Schlaeger
2.68 May 4th, 2010 – ActorsE Live Chat with Rebecca Schlaeger, editor of The Happy Times

Reggie Watkins and Judith Jones
September 16 – Actors Entertainment

Regina Schnitzer
Models Best Friend Photography Tips from photographer John Wright & models Regina Schnitzer & Anne Beyer

Ricco Chapa
Sidebeat Music at the Red Carpet at the Los Angeles Music Awards 2010

Richard B. Sherman
The Jr. Philharmonic Orchestra of California

Richard Chamberlain
Sidebeat Music – Richard Chamberlain performs “Camelot” with the Los Angeles Lawyers Philharmonic Orchestra

Richard Redlin
December 3rd, 2010 – ActorsE Live Chat with actors Richard Redlin and Mary Jo Gruber

Rick Baren
Tinsel on the Town – Aspen Screening Party

Rick Deats
2.55 April 14th, 2010 – Actors E Live Chat with veteran actor Rick Deats

Rickie Chance
November 24 – Actors Entertainment

Rico Simonini
2.19 February 19, 2010- ActorsE Chat with producer and veteran actor Joe Sabatino and doctor and actor Rico Simonini

Robert Colt
2.82 May 24, 2010 – Actors E Live Chat with Robert & Michelle Colt of Acting Success Now and actor Judy Echavez

Ron Tanski
February 25th 2011 – ActorsE Chat with Singer/Songwriter Ron Tanski and Actress Alyson Sullivan

Russ Cootey
2.52 April 8th, 2010 – ActorsE Chat with Russ Cootey and Judith Jones

Ryan Katzenbach
2.90 June 3rd, 2010 – ActorsE Live Chat with director/writer/producer Ryan Katzenbach

Acting in Style – LA Fashion corner 2010 Pre-Emmy’s Charity Fashion Show “Caring with Style”